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2020 has changed everything. When you reference “About Us” you will note our team’s background and mature experience.

No time to waste. Business owners need: 

  • Asset Protection – Especially if you have signed personally for your business operations, loans, leases, cost of goods and inventory, etc. The FED will not bail out everyone.
  • Taxable Income Selection – Would you like to know how to select/declare what income to be taxed on from year to year? (yes, you can, and I’ll show you how) How about delaying taxes on Capital Gains?

No time to waste. Estate planning minded folks need:

  • To help their family avoid the capital gain tax pitfalls of joint homeownership with parents – a common mistake in estate planning.
  • Plan for senior medical expenses of nursing home stays and plan to not lose their home to Medicaid.

Also, our area of practice helps to:

  • Prevent taxes on Intellectual Property and Closely held Family Stock Sales & Transfers.
  • Provide protection from creditors & predators and protect property from creditor liens collections and IRS liens
  • Provide protection for personal & company assets from product liability suits, slip & falls and other alleged demands 

We share knowledge of Financial Tools & Legal Documents & Copyrights to Preserve Your Wealth and your Life’s Work


Ensure that your business & assets including property, cattle and even pets, are cared for per your wishes.
PS: Don’t lose your home to even Medicaid recovery liens.


Minimize/Omit your estate tax and your personal income tax; grow your wealth faster and preserve it because of special trust tax rules.


Know that your assets and your family will be protected; and your assets are not squandered away in mismanagement or probate. This multi-purpose trust is affordable & in demand.

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Estate Planning Guide Spendthrift Trust Benefits

You Need Estate Planning If…

  • You haven’t planned for senior care costs (Medicaid)
  • You don’t have the skills to manage your assets yourself
  • You don’t want to lose what you have
  • You want your assets to grow tax deferred over time
  • You don’t want to saddle your family with issues
  • You now have a blended family
  • You own real estate, especially in multiple states
  • You want to preserve your legacy for generations
  • You don’t want your affairs to end up in probate court
  • You want to protect your wealth from predators, creditors and ex-spouses

Unexpected events happen. Don’t wait until the last minute to create a plan.

Who Benefits from Estate Planning?

  • Real Estate Owners
  • Business Owners
  • Veterans
  • Seniors needing Medicaid information
  • Your spouse/partner
  • Professional Athletes
  • Women & Men Executives
  • Owners of Valuable Possessions
  • Your Children & Grandchildren
  • And most importantly, you and your family

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