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Gem State Paralegal Planning
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 by Mike, Goodwin Insurance Agency, Aurora, CO

[...] I hope you guys help 100's and 100's of good people like the group last night. Since I have known you over 10 years now, I have always looked up to your knowledge of the world and you always opened my mind up to thinking outside the box when it comes to how the world truly operates. 99.9% of humans have no clue on how they are used by the economic systems of the Rothchild's etc.

 by Jerry Kolker, Retired CEO Mortgage Banker

I have known, Rob West for seven years. I have done several successful deals with him.
I respect him for his integrity, business acumen and his compassion for success and helping others to achieve their goals. Rob has also been a mentor to me in personal business affairs.
I am excited about his new business project and am excited for him and my family as well.

 by Shari Peterson, Minister, Counselor, Author of The View from 13F & Co-founder and Owner of RME Advisors, LLC

I first met Rob West in 2006 when I attended a financial seminar to increase my own financial knowledge. We spoke and I asked if he would be available to speak with several of my clients who were struggling with advanced financial questions. Of the many people I met while trying to find help for my contacts, Rob was the only professional who truly spent time and energy to understand and help these people versus simply trying to sell them a different financial product. As an expert regarding our money system and a recognized authority regarding banking and complex financial strategies, Rob is a frequent guest on radio and talk shows.