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Estate & Medicaid Planning

Estate & Medicaid PlanningEstate Planning is the creation of a defined, specific, personalized and legal plan for managing your assets while you are alive and distributing those assets after death to your loved ones. A sound estate plan includes provisions to keep assets and health care decisions within the control of your responsible family members should you become mentally or physically incapacitated.

The plan should also avoid probate at death and protect assets should you become disabled and need long-term nursing care either at home or in a skilled nursing facility.

When people consider if an estate plan is right for them, questions arise. The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about estate planning. If you have a question that is not addressed in Our Practice Area page, I welcome you to contact me, Rob West.

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Golden Insurance for your money with a Silver Lining

We all know our USD currency has been loosing purchasing power. Consumers notice this gradual decline for sure and just accept it. We are used to the term “inflation” yet a closer look into QE (quantitative easing) and the “REPO” market practices that have dumped billions of dollars into the US money markets are quite alarming. A currency reset in value is eminent.

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s my in-state tuition at The Ohio State University was $345 to $400/ quarter. The total tuition and living expense budget for in-state Ohio residents to go to Ohio State is $27,367 for the 2018/2019 academic year. Out-of-state students who don’t have Ohio residence can expect a one year cost of $47,383

Price a car or pick up truck from back then to today. Gasoline or a home for a family of 4… you get the trend I’m sure.

For fun I posted food prices from 1947 to 1987 below.

It’s prudent to insure your USD currency’s value with physical possession ownership of gold and silver.

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Prices of selected food items, 1947

  • Apples, 12.8 cents/pound
  • Potatoes, 5.0 cents/pound
  • Bananas, 15 cents/pound
  • Flour, 4.8 cents/pound
  • Rice 18.4 cents/pound
  • White bread 12.5 cents/pound
  • Round steak 75.6 cents/pound
  • Milk, 18.7 cents/quart
  • Butter, 80.5 cents/pound
Prices of selected food items, 1955

  • Apples, 15.1 cents/pound
  • Potatoes, 5.6 cents/pound
  • Bananas, 17.0 cents/pound
  • Rice 17.7 cents/pound
  • White bread 17.7 cents/pound
  • Round steak 90.3 cents/pound
  • Milk, 21.9 cents/quart
  • Butter, 70.9 cents/pound

Prices of selected food items, 1975

  • Apples, 34.0 cents/pound
  • Potatoes, 13.4 cents/pound
  • Bananas, 23.2 cents/pound
  • Rice, 47.0 cents/pound
  • White bread, 36.0 cents/pound
  • Round steak, $1.89/pound
  • Milk, 78.5 cents/half gallon
  • Butter, $1.03/pound
Prices of selected items, 1987

  • Gasoline, 97.0 cents/gallon
  • Apples, 73.0 cents/pound
  • Potatoes, 24.7 cents/pound
  • Bananas, 37.5 cents/pound
  • Rice 42.2 cents/pound
  • White bread 57.1 cents/pound
  • Round steak $2.93 /pound
  • Milk, $1.09/half gallon
  • Butter, $2.15/pound

In my studies of University level Economics I was not taught anything of bail outs, bail ins, stimulus money creation, lock downs and such. If there is any financial economic logic left at all, we can expect a massive round of inflation and hyper-inflation should the velocity of money return to the levels we saw in the late 2016 to 2019 period in America.